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Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

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Dramatic bathrooms can be incredibly beautiful and even theatrical and the best part is that the bathroom doesn’t have to be that homey. A bathroom can make for a personal retreat within a home so it is a good idea to express one’s true style and taste in bathroom design and decor.

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

Decorated Sink

An eye catchy decorated sink is all you need to add a bit of drama to the bathroom design. But if you want to increase the impression invest in a mirror or a vanity that fits well with the sink style. An unsuaul decorative shower curtain and curtain rod will help tie the dramatic sink and the rest of the bathroom together.

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

Unconventional Bathtub

An unconventional bathtub make a greater impression. Look into inground tubs or decorated clawfeet and other freestanding bathtubs. Even just curved bathtub handles and feet will already make it appear dramatic.

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

Beautiful Finishes

Beautiful materials like shell tiles and wooden flooring is a great way to create a dramatic bathrom design. Intricate tile work or stone finishing give a luxurious look as well as the patterned wallpaper. Other materials like copper in a bathtub or sink also add drama to the bathroom decor.

Dramatic Bathrooms

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