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Kitchen Renovation on Budget

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Renovation can be an expensive process but it doesn’t have to be. Besides you can always do things gradually rather than all at once. Start planning renovation with setting up a budget you can spend on renovating certain things. Also set priorities of what should be renovated first the walls or the cabinets and organizers. Once you have a plan and a clear picture of the end result the renovation can begin.

Kitchen Renovation on Budget


Repainting the walls and even furniture can be just enough to give it a new look. Some surfaces take paint better than the others but the walls can always be repainted time and again. Wooden and metallic furniture can also benefit from the fresh coat of paint maybe even in a new bright color.


The cabinets and kitchen furniture may look worn but if they are still good to use refurbishing them can save money. Fixing the broken doors, repainting or refacing them can give the cabinets a second life and your kitchen a cleaner and fresher look.

Remove Clutter

Sometimes removing clutter is enough to make the room look fresher and bigger. A couple of organizers can help keeping clutter away from the tables, counter top and refrigerator. Storage baskets can look great in a country and traditional style kitchen.


The cheapest way to add some new furniture and accessories to the kitchen is to redecorate the old one in the basement or from a flee market. Some cool furniture items can be repainted and reupholstered and they are ready to use.

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  1. Allison Says:

    I think painting, moving things around, and adding some new decorations and really make a kitchen feel new and different! You don’t need to completely re-do everything. Good post.

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