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How To Organize Cables Around House

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Just yesterday we talked a little bit about keeping home office neat and safe by organizing cable cords. Beside being messy and dangerous cable cords and various wires can be very unsightly. So here are some ways to organize and hide all the wires and cables around your house.

Organize Cables Around House

Organize Cables Around House

Organized cables and wires

Having all the latest coolest gadgets at home comes with a price. The wires get tangled as they stretch across the room to reach an outlet and the more tech we get the more the wire beast grows. Besides being a messy sight wires may look too attractive to pets who like to play with or chew on stuff. That said, not all devices come wireless and even if they do few of them are convenient enough to use. They may require loads of batteries or run out of power too fast to only end up being plugged to the socket all day. Properly organizing cables is the best way to get rid of mess and a potential danger to kids and pets or even adults.

First thing’s first, how do you reduce the number of cables and wires at home? Going wireless may work in some cases but again it may not be an ideal solution. Using less gadgets is a good preventive measure but over time we still find ourselves surrounded with all the cool gadgets and devices.

Set Up Gadgets Closer to Outlets

Keeping gadgets closer to outlets will help keep cables contained in one area at the wall instead of spreading them across the room. Although not an ideal solution this will keep all the cables in one place allowing for further containment.

Behind the Fence

Hiding wires behind a wooden or plastic board placed underneath your desk or a mini picket fence will not only disguise or tame the mess but will also protect the wires from pets.

Cut Length of Cable

If you have a long cable the best way to contain it is to use a cable turtle. A simple protector in a wide range of colors will hold a neatly wound cable in place until you need it to become long again. Thus you can always have spare cable without the hassle of excess wires tangling around your feet.

Wire Wall Decor

Instead of just fixing your wires along the wall onto the plinth get creative and make wall decor out of cable or excess wire that you won’t need extending. You can make different shapes and forms with cables on the wall making for both neat and decorative appearance.

There are plenty of other tricks and tools to help you organize and disguise the unsightly messy cable cords and wires. Look for solutions that work for you and help you keep the house safe and clean-looking.

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