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How To Maintain High Traffic Areas

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High traffic areas such as halls and living rooms can be quite difficult to maintain in terms of cleanliness and order. Different homes have different high-traffic areas. For some it’s halls and living rooms for others it’s kitchens and kids rooms.

How To Maintain High Traffic Areas


In order to avoid extensive cleaning protect the surfaces like floors and furniture with doormats, runner rugs, soft covers and such. Soft easy washable covers can save furniture from stains and can be easily returned to their original state. Runner and area rugs will save floors from scratching and dulling.

Special flooring or wall coverings are usually used in high-traffic areas for easy cleaning and durability. If this is still an option consider what areas will be high traffic and what materials can be used to protect those areas.


Prevent mess and clutter by organizing the space. Each thing has to have its own place or area where it can be stored without cluttering up the room. Kids room can use storage boxes for toys and cabinets for books and study material. Keep all the frequently used things at hand’s reach while storing everything else in cabinets, drawers, closets and so on.


Clean the high traffic areas as they become dirty but also do a slight maintaining between cleaning. It’s easier to maintain than trying to clean away the old stains, big messes and such.

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