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9 Main Tasks of Kitchen Renovation

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When planning a kitchen renovation, we envision a standard set of tasks: selection of colors and decorative materials, purchase of furniture and appliances. However, the modern approach to the repair involves a much wider range of activities.

9 Main Tasks During Kitchen Renovation



What tasks need to be addressed in the creation of a kitchen interior, to get the best result? So you learn it from this article.

Make the space more ergonomic

Calculate the height of installation of home appliances, work tops, wall cabinets. Adjust the distance between the elements of the kitchen triangle (sink, stove, fridge). Consider the mechanism and direction of doors opening.

Set the backlight over the work area and inside wall cabinets

Try to create a uniform illumination of all functional areas. This method will provide you with more convenience and safety.

Replace the working countertop

Modern technologies allow to abandon impractical plastic in favor of a more durable material – for example, such as artificial stone. Eco-style fans should pay attention to the options of natural stone or solid wood.

Optimize the storage system

Analyze the available quantity of crockery and other utensils, and try to mentally place it inside the kitchen cabinets and lockers. Perhaps by doing this exercise, you will realize that you need to expand or reduce some of the furniture section.

Update appliances

Progress does not stand still. Modern models of household appliances can not only ease the process of cooking, they can also help to optimize the space of your kitchen (built-in appliances, appliances “two in one”).

Install water filters

Water treatment system of flow type is a long-term investment in your health. Moreover, it does not take place in working zone, in contrast to filtering jug.

Replace liner communications

Check gas pipes, hoses to the washing machine and dishwasher, if you do not want to have an unpleasant accident on your renovated kitchen.

Increase the number of outlets

Install multiple outlets in those places, where you always lacked them. And forget about the inconvenience of tees, extension cords and other similar devices.

Get a new dining suite

Dining table is a heart of the kitchen. You will be spending time with your friends and family around it. The kitchen renovation is a great reason to buy a perfect dining table of the correct form, suitable size corresponding style. You also will have the opportunity to make a highlight in the interior using original chairs, for example, antique chairs or made ​​of transparent plastic.

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