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25 Open Plan Kitchen Designs

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Looking for interesting ways of desiging your open plan kitchen? Here are some ideas on how to pull off the open kitchen look. If you strive for a clean airy look in your kitchen the open plan is the way to go. But how to make it look good with the adjacent areas? There are quite a few ways.

25 Open Plan Kitchen Designs

You can decorate the adjacent area, for example, a dining area in a same style to get a uniform look. This way the kitchen and the closest adjacent area will look as one seamless room that depending on the style looks more hi-tech or on the opposite, cozy and homey.

Choose wood finishes to give your open plan kitchen a room-like look and feel. The warmth of the wood will tone down the stainless steel part in the kitchen tech parts and will simply make it more iviting.

The built-in kitchenware can help not only save space in a small house but also place the kitchen in the hallway, under the stairs, and in other spaces that are usually left either empty or dysfunctional.

Open Plan Kitchen Designs

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