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How To Choose Fireplace

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Fireplace is not only producing heat but it also gives the house a warm and aesthetic touch. In the room the fireplace also functions as a focal point. So how to choose a perfect fireplace? There are many factors to consider before choosing a fireplace.  Will it be be operating on gas or wood? Is the house equipped for that? What style will suit home decor?

How To Choose Fireplace


One also needs to figure out what’s the main purpose of the fireplace – heating or decorating. Some fireplaces produce flame only for aesthetic purposes. But if you want the beautiful fireplace that would also heat the room there are plenty of fireplaces that run on electricity, wood and oil.


It’s important to consider what fuel will be used for a fireplace. There are many fuels including natural gas, wood, coal, corn, propane, oil and other. Also look into the multi fuel stoves as they provide added flexibility and can work out cheaper. Consider this one very carefully and look into as many options as you can to choose the right fireplace for you.


It’s important to have a good ventilation system and safe chimney to ensure safe fireplace use because some fuels like wood, natural gas, propane, and kerosene can produce a lethal byproduct, gas – carbon monoxide (CO). Several carbon monoxide detectors in a house will help detect this odorless and colorless gas and prevent its buildup. It’s generally a good idea to have these at home as there are many sources of the carbon monoxide including water heaters, gas stoves, gas logs, furnaces, indoor grills, portable heaters, and many other appliances.

Ventless fireplaces are especially dangerous as they vent the gas into the room. Some of these have the carbon monoxide sensor that shuts down the fireplace before the gas reaches dangerous level at home but still the risks are high.


Where the fireplace will be installed? Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or family room? The room dimensions are also important in determining the size of the fireplace. Installation requires professional work so make sure its made by professionals.


Consider the style of your home before buying a fireplace. There are models that are more traditional and the ones that are more modern. The mantel and trims can be ornate and even statuary. Mantel plays a decorative role allowing display decorative objects.

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