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Trees in Interior

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Trees in interior is the new fashion trend in decoration design. Today in many cafes and restaurants you can find a tree that is growing up just in the middle of the dining area. It brings to the look of freshness and shows your eco-friendly vision.

Tree House Interior

Tree House Interior

Blue Forest Tree House

In the interior designed in modern style, trees can be surrounded by glass and metal to bring a touch of wildlife. Today there are so many types of tree that you can pick up one even by color that will suits your interior.

For example, birch with its black stripes on the white background will look very attractive in the black and white minimalist room. Since birch is growing in the woods, it is fueled by the energy of rain and sunlight, and it’s perfect for decorating the interior. Just a few trees in a corner can make a cozy look in your apartment, because birch itself is a work of art to be used in many different ways.

Trees are perfect for children’s rooms. It is another view of the tree house. If you are worrying for your children’s safety while they are playing on the high tree, then grow a tree inside the kid’s room. Even if it will be the height of the first floor, they can run between trees’ trunks and climb them.

If you are thinking to start new construction on your yard and also have a good long-living tree there, then why not build a house around the tree? It can symbolize a long life of your house and family. It could become a family tree. If you haven’t grown one yet, you can do it inside the house, using a big pot or holes in the floor.

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