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Brutal Masculan Interior Design

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The interior of the dwelling emphasizes the character of the homeowner. If the apartment is fully owned by a man, this interior will be difficult to be confused with the female. Here you won’t find flowers and crawfish, sweet candy colors and flowery patterns.

Brutal Design for Men

Brutal furniture from Rail Yard

Brutal furniture from Rail Yard 

We decided to find out, what are the main features of this masculine interior, and what modern furniture designers and manufacturers of finishing materials are offering for men.

Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek has created a collection of wallpaper, which is only suitable for masculine interior decoration. These wallpapers imitate wooden beams, boards and so on. At the same time they look so realistic that you cannot immediately understand, what they are actually made of.

Brutal furniture from Rail Yard

American company Rail Yard Studios creates furniture from old rails and bars. Eloquent and charismatic handmade furniture is made ​​of hardwood and steel, which used to be railroad tracks.

The Cookie Bros tattooed wooden chair

Brutal wooden chairs, decorated with tattoos are a cheeky design from Dutch design studio. This product is the result of merging the traditional tattoo art and aesthetics of modern furniture. The design studio invited famous tattoo artist Danny Boy AKA Daniel O. Sawyer for The Cookie Bros chair concept development. He developed sketches, which were then applied to the frame of the chair.

Brutal candlestick by Jolan Van Der Wiel

The candlestick is made ​​using particles of plastic and metal rods with a view to creating a strong magnetic field. As the designer says, literally the hands of someone who holds a candle, will feel great strength under the influence of the chandelier’s magnetism. Black and sharp threads emphasize mystique and mystery of the art object.

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