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Pipe-Shaped Office in Spain

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Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano have designed and built an office for their Selgascano company. The office is located in a forest on the outskirts of Madrid an it is a tunnel, half of which is made of acrylic glass. The mechanism mounted at one end of the tunnel periodically opens the flap, which lets fresh air into the office.

Spanish Architects Pipe-Shaped Office in Woods

Selgascano office in Spanish woods

Selgascano office in Spanish woods

The office was built a few years ago and was ranked as one of the most original and interesting eco-offices in the world. Since similar structures haven’t been built this unusual workplace is mentioned in the guidebooks of Madrid.

The Spanish creation is a sleek elongated tube with a transparent wall on one side and partially glazed ceiling. Due to this, the space has plenty of natural light during daytime, which in turn reduces energy costs. To save energy, the builders also partly laid the foundation of the office in the ground, thus eliminating the need for continuous operation of air conditioners. The optimum temperature indoors is maintained naturally, which is especially important in the construction of any premises in exhausting hot Spanish climate.

There are stone steps to the forestry office. At night the “pipe” looks especially pretty. The lights in the form of balls and table lamps look stylish in the forest surrounding behind the transparent walls. According to the numerous positive online comments about the office, many Spaniards are not averse to work in such conditions.

However, the “pipe-office” has a small area.  The architectural bureau has places for no more than 20 people. But a small area is compensated by other advantages: the architects are “in nature” all day. Unlike an ordinary office, the glass office gives an opportunity to admire and enjoy life in the forest while at work for as long as you want.

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