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Australian Ethereal White House

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Are you up to new ideas in interior design? How about creating all white and ethereal decor, and not in a single room, but in the whole house!? A unique all white house in Australia, did just exactly it.

Australian White House

Awesome All White House

Located in Queensland, Australia, this amazing construction is colored in many tints of white. The house is reminiscent of some unreal heavenly design, with all its whiteness and purity. It is quite large as well, taking up more than 800 square meters of land.

Of course it is not entirely white, but dominantly white. The white color has an unusual gleaming effect to it, so it seems like the house is shining. The TV set might have a black frame; the little picture would have a gray color to it. But all other colors, though present, are subdued by the hues of white: crème white, light grey white, pure white. It is amazing how many varieties of white are present in world’s palette .

The house itself is very modern and minimalistic. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, some rooms for leisure activities, and three garages: it is quite a big house. The ethereal white decor is continued even outside of the house, near the pool. The whiteness ends with white fence, which surrounds the house.

This divinely white house is a bit of a dream place, as the purity and dominance of one color is slightly disturbing, and might cause dizziness. Perhaps the owners of this magical building like the seeming transparence and weightlessness of it.

Discover the amazing all white house:

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