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How To Design Interior With Diamond And Argyle Patterns

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Diamond and argyle patterns are great for adding detail to interior design. Whether you choose one or the other these two patterns may not only add detail to decor but also add a playful touch to the minimalist contemporary interiors.

Both of the patterns can well be mixed with other simpler prints and patterns like stripes and check. When choosing which patterns and prints to combine with either of these make sure they go well together scale and color-wise. Also make sure that other prints are secondary and the diamond or argyle are main in terms of style and amount.

Design Interior With Diamond And Argyle Patterns

Decorating With Diamond Pattern

Designing With Diamond Pattern

The diamond pattern is a bit different and simpler than the argyle one. It can be used in a variety of ways from tiles to wallpaper to tapestries. It can come in different colors and scales as well as in a combination with smaller or bigger diamonds. There are various styles of the pattern as well, so you can choose the framed diamonds like in the left picture above or a pattern with smaller diamonds in the intersection with the bigger diamonds.


In the walls the diamond pattern can be used to create a dramatic, even theatrical look that can be quite playful too. Choose the good quality wallpaper in diamond pattern to add drama to your walls or use it only on a feature wall to create a focal point in the room.


Diamond tiles are quite popular and can be used in bathroom walls and floors, in the hallways, and kitchens. These can be chosen and arranged in various colors or shades, even more than two.

Decorating With Argyle Pattern

Designing With Argyle Pattern

Argyle pattern is a little more complex than the regular diamond one but it’s also more playful as it appears in clothes and socks. Argyle can often be seen in nurseries and kid’s rooms as it’s playful and quite fitting.

Wall Decor

Argyle pattern can also be used as a wall decor element rather than on the entire wall. A strip of diamonds in different bold colors like in the picture above beautifully decorate the neutral gray wall without overwhelming the room.


Argyle print is widely used in clothes but it can be found in the tapestries as well. The print can be used for bedding, upholstery, as well as throw pillows. If argyle-printed curtains are too much, you can swap them for diamond-printed ones for a simpler yet still dramatic effect.

Argyle & Diamond Pattern Outdoors

Decorating Outdoors With Diamond And Argyle Patterns

Using diamond pattern outdoors can also make for an interesting look. It doesn’t have to be as colorful as mosaic tiles to make an impact. For exaple, these tiles (on the picture above) are laid to look like they are framed with grass which makes for an unusual look.

The diamond pattern tiles can be used in the outdoor shower walls, fountains, and swimming pools. They may not only add a visual detail to the outdoors but also add a voluminous texture.

Both patterns are great to use in interior design whether you want to add just a bit of detail to a minimalist home or create a circus-style dramatic look. The argyle is layered and complex thus can be used sparingly and on its own while the diamond can be mixed with other prints and patterns as long as the rules of mixing patterns are followed.

There are many more ways, of course, of using these patterns in home decor, from a bed frame to a statement furniture piece like a chest or a wardrobe. How would you use them in home decor?

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