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Cool with Wool Felt Stools

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Scandinavian design is usually distinguished by simple lines, nice looking shape, environmentally friendly materials. All this is typical for bright, tactile feature wooden stools from the collection, which is developed in Norway and called Cool with Wool. The nice feature of the collection is that the felted balls can be freely interchanged, each time creating a new drawing of the seat.

Cool with Wool Felt Stools from Norway

Cool with Wool collection by Aud Julie Befring

 Cool with Wool collection by Aud Julie Befring

Favorite theme of Norwegian designer Aud Julie Befring is interaction of natural, minimally processed materials. The artist combines old and new; combines wood, ceramics and coarse cloth. The new stool was presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It was the first work of Julia, in which she uses color.

Aud Julie Befring draws inspiration in everything that surrounds her. But a favorite source of ideas for her is nature of native Norway, where she was born, lives and studies. Norwegian flock of sheep, grazing in green pastures, is a traditional idyllic picture for this country. It inspired the young designer to create a collection of wooden stools Cool with Wool with the seat of the colored felted balls on three stylized legs.

Cool with Wool stool by Aud Julie Befring

Cool with Wool stool by Aud Julie Befring 

Multicolored hemispheres on the wooden stool symbolize blossoming field. And for fans of snowfields the designer developed a version in gray tones. The designer tried to make chair’s legs in form similar to sheep paws.

Due to the small hemispheres of colored felt “hilly” stools are ergonomic and dominate in almost any interior. But the industrial designer does not put the aesthetic aspect of the matter on the first place. Aud Julie Befring advocates ethical and responsible consumption. And she is actively working to make her ​​furniture serve as long as possible.

So she made the rosy felt pads ​​mobile. They can be removed from the circular basis of birch, cleaned and put back or replaced by pads of other colors. You can make a stool monochrome, or, conversely, add more color, or even attach another material to the light base.

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