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Natural: Tree Branch as Part of Home Decor

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Tree can give us food and wood as well as plenty ideas of using its unpolished branches and boughs in our home decor. Tree branch can become a great and useful part of your home decor. From shelf to table you can re-discover the tree branch purpose for your own home.

Natural: Tree Branch as Part of Home Decor

The easiest way to use a tree branch is just to take whatever branch you liked the most and put it in the corner of the room making sure it fits in and “plays” with other decorations. To make it look better and not out of place add green color to your upholstery and tapestry and you will find how great the branch bark coordinates with rich green.

Such things like tables, shelves or ledges will take a bit more time and effort but they so worth it for the sake of eco-friendly and budget design. Straight tree branches are great for making a coffee table legs, and even if it’s a bit crooked you can still hang a curtain on it and use it instead of the actual ledge. And if the branch has boughs you’ll be able to adapt it as a coat rack.

Tree branch asks for something to be hung on it. It can be clothes, accessories or holiday decorations. Whether you are planning an Easter or Christmas tree branch from your back yard is perfect to replace the whole living tree that can live and grow yet for many-many years.

A bunch of tree branches approximately of the same height can become great room divider. The main task is to fix them so that they didn’t fall down scattering across the floor. In case you need a divider up from the floor you might want to take a solid piece of wood or stainless steel and try and attach the branches with big screws that would endure the pressure of branches’ weight.

You can use your tree branch unpolished and unpainted but you might also want to add some gloss or even metallic shine to it. Silver spray paint can turn your tree branch into an intricate chandelier. Pick up old or fallen branches from your front or back yard or elsewhere you might find them.

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