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How to Create Healthy Home Interior

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It is well known that we can feel good in one house, whereas in the other one we often have headaches and feel sick. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, ecologists, and designers, this inexplicable phenomenon is unraveled.

3 Rules of Healthy Home Interior Design

With properly organized space we can make the house comfortable and harmonious, and also enrich the interior with healing properties. This will require strict observance of the “healthy home” rules.

Rule 1: Eco-friendly materials

Natural wood and stone interior

Natural wood and stone interior

Try to track the environmental cleanliness of your house during the construction or at least repair/remodeling stage. The group of the most preferred materials contains only natural materials, including wood, straw, raw clay, etc.

The list of sustainable materials also includes clay bricks and natural stones of sedimentary origin. The reputation of the first fruits of civilization – the metal and glass – is not so perfect.

And as for everything else – concrete, various mixtures, plastics and other “synthetics” – you have to “neutralize” them using various tricks. Especially beware of materials containing phenol (which causes headaches, allergies and reduces immunity) and formaldehyde (which affects the reproductive system, respiratory system and central nervous system).

Rule 2: Flora

Indoor plants

Indoor plants

Many like planting flowers at home but you can also grow medicinal herbs as home plants. Some of these plants may even have disinfecting properties: basil, gipiestes Pila Ofiopogon, cardamom, roytsissus, Spathiphyllum, etc. Other potted plants soothe the nervous system, relieve headaches, and normalize blood circulation (e.g., geranium, pelargonium and fragrant, lavender, etc.). They can be used to make an ideal composition for the bedroom.

If your apartment still has synthetic materials, their negative impact can be neutralized by flowers that can absorb away toxins from the air: fragrant dracaena, piperomiya, roytsissus, etc.

Rule 3: Healing things

Handmade cushions

Handmade cushions

Opt for wicker baskets over plastic containers; real feather pillows over polyester fiber; simple “peasant” fabrics (linen, cotton, burlap, rough wool) over spectacular novelties; woven mats over metal shutters, etc.

Do not underestimate” stuff from grandma’s chest”: retro stuff from the family “museum” (if they are properly used) would fill the house with warmth and comfort. The only natural “gifts” you should avoid are hunting trophies: skins and horns of dead animals, stuffed , etc. Even if they look beautiful, the aura, which they “emit” is not too useful to humans.

In short, remember, that in order to bring home joy and health, it should be natural, warm and kind.

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