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Finishing Materials for Eco-Friendly Houses

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Green house is an environmentally friendly space for human habitation. It is built, using natural, environmentally friendly materials, as well as green technology, which does not cause harm to the environment. Repair in the internal space of the house starts from the floor.

Interior Finishing Materials for Eco-Friendly Houses

Eco-friendly flooring material

Eco-friendly flooring material

What kind of flooring can be used in a green house? The most common eco-friendly flooring material is wood: flooring of planks or parquet. Original board is the most environmentally-friendly. But this is not the only thing that can be used in a green house. For example, we can choose an exotic option, as the floor of a walnut. But you can choose something more familiar, for example, natural linoleum or earthen floor.

Cork flooring became very popular in recent years. Besides the fact that this material is extremely eco-friendly, it has also other positive qualities: it does not absorb moisture; does not swell; retains heat well; resistant to shock and fire; pleasant to the touch; hypoallergenic. In addition, thanks to modern technology processing, its surface can simulate parquet, tiles or planks.

One of the principles of creating eco-friendly houses is the use of local materials, including interior decoration. It is not always possible to apply this rule, especially for interior design.

Most eco-houses are created from frame structures. And environmentally friendly thermal and acoustic insulation materials should be used during the construction of the buildings.

Eco-friendly textile wallpaper

Eco-friendly textile wallpaper

We should not forget about such materials, as adobe brick. But they are fading, giving way to the carcass structure. However, we often see such green houses. Their interior decoration can be very unusual, for example, using parts of a tree (trunk, branches, etc.) in the interior. Some owners of green houses prefer to not to finish the interior of the house, leaving bricks or stones unplastered.

As to the interior walls in green houses, people often use linen paper or wallpaper in combination with a water-based adhesive. Moreover, you can get a liquid wallpaper.  It is conventionally referred to eco-friendly materials and is highly valued for itsgood air and water permeability, heat and sound insulation properties. Decorative clay plaster is also green and very unusual wall finish.

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