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Cosmetics Home Lab

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A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art Lauren Davies has created a small domestic laboratory for those who do not trust cosmetic corporations, so that they could produce natural cosmetics at home.

Home Alchemist Lab for Cosmetics Production

The alchemist's dressing table by Lauren Davies

The alchemist’s dressing table by Lauren Davies 

The alchemist’s dressing table is a set of complex, but terribly beautiful devices and tools with which you can concoct creams and balms, make aromatic oils and create perfume at home.

All items of the collection are made of thin tempered glass, copper and maple. Paying tribute to the beautiful rituals of the ancient alchemists, Lauren Davies did not use modern materials and the latest technology. Perhaps they would be more effective, but the aesthetics was more important for of the British designer.

The central object of the collection is a three-tiered distiller to extract essential oils with which it is easy to feel like a real alchemist in search of elixir of eternal youth. The collection includes a kitchen apron, folded in a pouch. It is necessary to collect flowers, herbs and other ingredients for the future of cosmetics.

The alchemist's dressing table by Lauren Davies, a kitchen apron, folding in a pouch

The alchemist’s dressing table by Lauren Davies, a kitchen apron, folding in a pouch

Brass blades and spoons, glass alcohol lamps, jars and flasks, casserole, mysterious devices under large glass caps are very beautiful and complicated for an ordinary woman. Each of these items has an idea apart from the practical application. The collection became primarily a social statement of the designer. She calls to return to our roots and origins, finally turn to nature and remember how much it gives us.

Lauren Davies has a bit of a utopian view on what awaits us all: the future is for natural cosmetics home production; and women will begin to worry about the quality of the industrial cosmetics and the issue of how industrial and cosmetic companies affect the environment.

The British designer offers to start small: learn how to use a mini-laboratory, the alchemist’s dressing table and please your body with own production of natural cosmetics.

A pouch and natural ingredients

A pouch and natural ingredients 

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