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Interior Decor: All Things DIY

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Our own creativeness is not only a developing, therapeutic and self-expressing thing but also a very useful interior decor tool. DIY things are great at cutting costs on interior accessories and even furniture. Handmade may seem not as glamorous but think about the uniqueness of the DIY things. No one in the world owns the same exact pillow or candlestick or a chair.

Interior Decor: All Things DIY

Before buying materials for your future DIY things you have to have a concept of what you want to do. If it’s a lamp or a candle the materials will be different but there are also such things as paint, glue and scissors that should always be at hand.

DIY Pillow: How to Make a Decorative Pillow

Interior Decor: All Things DIY

Anything that has something to do with the fabric implies you can sew and have special equipment for that. Choose a fabric that will match your color scheme but is in deeper hue than the rest of your decor. It will be a great accent in the room. Though you should also have something of the same color to coordinate the accents around the room.

Think about your future pillow’s shape. The easiest shapes are round and square but you can choose from a wide array of shapes. To hide the seams of your future pillow turn the fabric inside out. You can sew it by hand but the stitches should be close to each other to ensure durability.

Sew up the three sides of the fabric and leave the fourth side half done. Old pillows’ stuffing can be used for your new one. You can find the pillow stuffing in the same fabric store. After stuffing the pillow sew the hole and voila the accent for your interior design is ready.

DIY Curtains: How To Make Cool Curtains

Interior Decor: All Things DIY

Simple curtains are not that difficult to DIY. There are some simple rules to follow and with time you’ll be able to sew more complex curtain design if you would like to.

First of all the tools you’ll need are tape measure, fabric, curtain rings, which you will find in the same fabric store you bought your fabric from, sewing machine, ruler, fabric marker and thread and needle. Measuring is most important of all. You don’t want your curtains look too narrow and poor.

When measuring always make allowance for seaming for tidy look. Measure from where the curtain rings below the windowsill and decide on the length of your curtains. they can be floor length or ten to fifteen centimeter below the windowsill. It’s up to you. While the width should be measured by doubling your window width.

When you’ve marked your curtain length and width on the fabric cut the fabric straight with help of a ruler. Fold half an inch at each side and iron the folds to make them easier to sew with the machine. After you’ve sewn all the folds on the sewing machine secure the stitches and place the curtain rings.

This is it. you can add ties or detailing like fringe and tassels to your curtains just make sure they suit your home decor and look tasteful and classy.

DIY Footstool: How to Make a Footstool Out of Old Suitcase

Interior Decor: All Things DIY

Suitcase is universal when it comes to DIY things like furniture. If you have an old chest of retro suitcase you can easily use them to make a cool vintage footstool with storing properties. You can paint or upholster them to make it match your color scheme and decorating style. You can also simply cover it up with a piece of proper cloth.

It can also become a bed for your pet. Remove a lid and stuff the suitcase with something soft. A bunch of old suitcases can become a good base for a table.

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