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Underwater World in Fancy Hotel in Bali

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Bali Island is one of the heavenly places on our planet. It is a cherished dream of many travelers to have a rest there, because, in addition to natural beauty and diverse attractions, vacationers are impressed by luxury hotels. One of these wonderful places is Bambu Indah Hotel in Ubud, which is considered the center of artistic life in Bali.

Underwater World: Architectural Wonders in Fancy Hotel in Bali

Bambu Indah Hotel in Ubud, Bali

Bambu Indah Hotel in Ubud, Bali

Udang House is a very unusual house, located in a complex at Bambu Indah. Its uniqueness is that instead of the usual floor, visitors will see the amazing underwater world. Room is built literally over the pond. The floor covering is made ​​of heavy-duty glass, so bewildered tourists can see everything that is going on under the water.

Vacationers can enjoy an underwater life without getting out of bed. There is a huge amount of shrimp and other crustaceans in the pond. The azure pond looks fascinating.

The hotel design blends with rustic style and the latest technology. There is a cozy porch near the house. The shower is also located outdoors. The air-conditioned room has wireless Internet access. Architects adhered to the concept of eco-estate, so the room is decorated in natural ways.

The houses themselves, which are used as a hotel, were built of teak wood, brought from the island of Java, more than a century ago. So they are the monuments of the local culture and architecture. The windows are offering scenic views of the vast rice fields. The hotel has a variety of bamboo bridges everywhere – lush greenery and natural pond, in which there is a lot of fish.

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