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Fantasy World in Broken Flower Pot

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Rule number one of The DIY Club says: Don’t throw away old broken things. Rule number two of The DIY Club says: Do not throw away old broken things. Do not throw away broken flower pots. There is splendid idea to transform them into something lovely and magical decorations.

DIY Fantasy Flower Pots


No Limits for Imagination

Wonderful miniature landscapes can be seen all over the net especially the DIY boards. Whole fairy tale scenes can be created in old broken flower pots that have been unlucky to finish their service on a hard floor among their own pitiful remnants. It appears that the largest broken part of a pot can serve as a set for a for fairy tale scene.

Creators of these beautiful fantasy pots decided not to get rid of the plants. They were the main characters in these flower pots before. Now they serves as background for upcoming changes. Moreover, several more plants are added. The magical forest can’t consist of just of one kind of trees, can it?

Creating a Fairy Tale

As any forest it has got plenty of different cute inhabitants. Small toys come here to live, discussing their animal matters and curiously sneaking out of tree branches. They go on about their day and forest life is actively going on, attracting many looks from the outside real world.


Using tiny pieces of timber or carton you can build a small world. Here lives a family of owls, and this is a house of seven dwarves with a lovely meadow in front of it. What is really tempting about this work – you can use all those tiny things out of boxes that you considered useless like buttons, brooches without precious stones or pins, lovely ribbons and rocks and stones you always collect during vacation only to bring them home and put away somewhere because they are too cute to trash.

Call your kids for assistance. It is pretty easy to perform even for them. And children would be delighted to create a fairy tale story that will serve as something really important for their parents.

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