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Six Ideas for DIY Planters

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Did you ever notice that sometimes you observe a new place and it seems like it was decorated by rules, but it doesn’t feel cozy? This problem could be solved by adding a couple of homeplants to the uncomfortable space.

Here you can find six ideas how to turn boring room into a homely one with a little help of DIY planters.

DIY Planter Ideas

House plants

Spring Bulbs in IKEA Mugs

Old kettles could be used as flower pots. Different colors and shapes of the kettles will bring sunny mood into your house.

House Plant


Plants that need lots of light could be put under the lamp.

House Plant

Vase for a light-loving plants

Not only pictures and bookshelves can decorate the boring white walls the plants in a frame on the wall could make a cabinet at home or a reception hall look livelier.

House Plant

Plants in a frame

Small fruit trees in pots or in buckets on a table will create summer mood in a dining room.

House Plant

Fruit tree in a bucket

The tea tin box will look perfect in the kitchen. Especially if you are growing greens and salads and using them as planters.

House Plant

Teabag tin

Put some decorative stones or colorful trinkets into a bowl with your homeplant to help it hold in the middle of the vase.

House Plant

Decorative stones

House Plant

Colorful trinkets

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