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Stylish Jyunpai Humidifier by Asa Hirasawa

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Home appliances and air-improving technology is getting more and more elaborate design solutions. Jyunpai is a stylish humidifier designed by Asa Hirasawa. The Jyunpai humidifier is of rounded form with a concave middle. It evaporates water into a mist that lingers there at the bowl creating a live cloud of gas.

Stylish Jyunpai Humidifier by Asa Hirasawa

Jyunpai humidifier is not only functional but is also stylish. With its wooden base Jyunpai can fit into traditional as well as modern interior design while the mysterious moving gas cloud would entertain the eye. The humidifier is quite big but it has a sleek stylish design which can only add to the decor.

The device consists of two main parts. To add water the bowl must be removed while the opening in the middle of the bowl lets the vapour out. The  humidifier is switched on with help of a small wooden button located at the base of the device.

Decorative Jyunpai Humidifier:

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