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Superette Cocon Armchair

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Have you ever dreamed of ultimately comfortable and warm armchair for late winter evenings readings or TV sessions? Céline Merhand and Anaïs More have designed a warm armchair called ‘Cocon’ for Superette, a company in Luxembourg. Soft duvet combined with a comfortable armchair makes a good combination to dwell in to catch couple hours of sleep or watch TV.

Superette Cocon Armchair

No more slipping plaids, once you are seated in Superette Cocon Armchair you can wrap in a thick blanket attached to the armchair and fix it by fastening a zipper. The armchair also can be shared by two people.

The cover is removable, so when it gets dirty it can be removed and washed. The dimensions of the Superette Cocon Armchair are 100 × 120 × 60 cm. It is available in red and gray.

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