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Privacy: Cocoon Armchair by Tompson Tompson

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Russian designer Tompson Tompson has a new project called Cocoon Armchair . Designed to suit public interiors like offices and airports Cocoon Armchair gives a person who sits in it some personal space as well as comfort.

Privacy: Cocoon Chair by Tompson Tompson

Tompson Tompson:

In an armchair it is possible to sit having lowered feet and having enclosed under a back a pillow and as to hide there entirely for a full solitude, having covered with ears. The armchair skeleton is executed from the granulated structure that gives flexibility to an armchair and at the same time holds it. The armchair upholstery can be various from a wattled tree to a velvet.

Grouped together several Cocoon Armchairs look like a fun jester hat. The armchair is enclosed but has an open front that can be laced up to increase privacy. It can serve well at the airports and other public places where the privacy is quite impossible.

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