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Biomorphic Design by Ross Lovegrove

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Among all British industrial designers, Ross Lovegrove is the most demanded, in spite of such considerable age. He says that at his fifty-two years he could do without working. But, as he says, his time has come just now. Just now people began to understand his ideas. Along with his latest products customers buy the items that the designer has made ten years ago.

Biomorphic Furniture Design by Ross Lovegrove

Plastic bench by Ross Lovegrove, 2002-2003

Plastic bench by Ross Lovegrove, 2002-2003

Biomorphic, isomorphic, organic are the brief descriptions of Lovegrove’s designs. And the designer has kept his style for more than thirty years. Many people see his lamps, stereo speakers, and chairs only as items with streamline forms. But Lovegrove is not so simple.

I always have a pile of scientific and technical journals on the nightstand beside my bed. And while coming up with a table clock or a bottle of water, I am doing research and getting a theoretical justification for each created thing. The most important thing is not a color or material, but a shape. It should be comfortable for any user of modern design. For instance, when I design a sink, first of all I imagine how people will move around it. My things only seem unusual. In fact, they are made according to the laws of ergonomics,”Ross Lovegrove says.

In full accordance with the concept of futurism Lovegrove uses “Materials of the Future”: fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polypropylene. He often experiments combining one material with another. Of course, Lovegrove does not avoid traditional materials such as glass, porcelain, and natural fabrics. However, the designer believes that synthetic is more suitable for his work. It allows you to transfer almost nonverbal phenomena: the movement of air, light reflections into physical objects.

Along with a predilection for theorizing such romantic descriptions are in Lovegrove’s manner. The punctual and strict Englishman is ready to spend hours talking about the clouds, ice, wind, and beautiful women that inspired him to create a particular lamp.

Most Lovegrove’s projects received awards in the field of industrial design. The designer uses technical innovation in his work, as the technological progress allows him to do this or that object as he planned.

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