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Chimère Pet Collection

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Do you have pets? Then perhaps you do have some pet accessories, such as pet homes. But few know that pet homes can be stylish too. The Chimère collection by Marc Ange is made exclusively for your beloved pets.

Chimère Pet Collection

Chic Pet Collection

Chimère is renowned for its modern and classy furniture designs and now they came out with awesome contemporary pet furniture. This exclusive collection, of Frederic Stouls and Marc Ange, from Chimere is made specifically for the French Company Bloom Room, was introduced recently during Milan Design Week.

The collection includes five pieces of furniture designed for different lovely pets: a bird cage, a dog niche, an aquarium, a cat bed and a rodent cage. All five pieces are done by incorporating wood, some wool and metal, and of course plastic. The bird cage is circular and has rocking chair legs. It is mostly metal, but the base is wooden. The rodent cage looks like an old fashioned little cabinet with a tiny Alice from Wonderland door and metal lattice.

The cat bed looks very comfortable and cozy, coming in grey wool design, it provides a secluded and awesome resting place for a cat. The dog niche looks like a random dog booth, just with a sleek futuristic white wood design. The most awesome in this collection is the futuristic aquarium. It comes with a wooden base and all transparent oval glass, with little cavity that looks like a tiny ship that was caught in the bottle. This awesome pet furniture collection is not only modern, but very cozy and functional, and would be a great treat for your pets.

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