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Futuristic LOMME Bed Design

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Are you looking for futuristic and unique bed designs? Then you should check out the Lomme Design Bed, as it is a very convincing futuristic model made exclusively for your rest. This high tech designer bed is your ultimate nighttime retreat.

futurisic lomme design bed

Light over Matter Mind Evolution:LOMME

Prepare yourself for a very unique experience. This egg-shaped bed is one of the best retreat places made exclusively for rest. It contains special soothing effects, such as lights, and an underneath container for mp3 players for better sound calming effects. This terrific bed also provides some privacy, as it is semi covered. It comes as double and a bachelor bed.

LOMME bed combines cutting edge technology with scientific research to produce the greatest design for comfortable and secure sleeping. The protective capsule will keep all the external distractions away from the sleeper, keeping you secure in your rest. The light is producing a soothing effect by gradually reducing, imitating the setting sun and the mp3 mode is helping in creating a drowsy feeling.

LOMME design bed would be your favorite resting place, if you really enjoy up-to-date designs and making maximum out of your sleep.

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