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Trends in Cabinet Furniture Industry

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Basic concepts that define modern cabinet furniture are variability and individuality. Manufacturers offer their customers all kinds of modular systems and mobile designs. Small multifunctional furniture items such as tables, cabinets and shelving unfold, fold, change color and can be moved around the room. And larger items, such as cabinets and libraries change shape due to mobile elements.

Modern Cabinet Furniture Industry

Color inserts of Inmotion systems by MDF Italia revolve around its own axis, turning toward and away from you. You can decide whether to show others the contents of your shelves or to keep it a secret.

of Inmotion systems by MDF Italia

Inmotion systems by MDF Italia

Manufacturers of furniture fittings tracked the trends and undertook measures to improve their mechanisms of mobile facades. From generation to generation, these systems became more versatile. For example, new drawer slides inLine M from Hettich combines public and private elements. The company’s engineers also took into account the thickness of the shelves in a modern cabinet furniture, which ranges from very fine to very weighty.

inLine M by Hettich

inLine M by Hettich

Today universality and simplicity are increasingly perceived as synonyms. Designers cannot answer what is more profitable: to provide all desires of the buyer in a furniture item or to offer a set of universal parts that the customer can design themselves to get the desired furniture.

The research conducted by CSIL center in Milan confirms that the idea is worth it: the demand for self-assembling furniture increased even during crisis.

German designer Werner Aisslinger revived the famous system ADD by Floetotto in a new way. He decided to go along the path of maximal ease. He proposed to fix elements of lightweight plastic to beech base using ordinary buttons. To make such a chest is not more difficult than to button a jacket.

Floetotto' ADD system revived by Werner Aisslinger

Floetotto’ ADD system revived by Werner Aisslinger

Egger also presented their vision at the Interzum 2013 in Cologne with their Egger Clic system. Its essence is to make furniture set without tools – in the same principle as the floor covering. Parts are mounted to each other in a cam way.

Designers increasingly talk about how important it is to remember the design of hidden items. Even fixing nodes may be a bright accent. This was demonstrated by the Turkish brand Samet that presented an unusual way to decorate door hinges with colored elastic ribbons.

As for the look of cabinet furniture, the trendsetters do not predict anything extraordinary. The most topical solution in design is naturalness. So the demand for natural textures, imperfect and sometimes rough, continues to grow.

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