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Luxury Armchair by Zac Glamour Design

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Good news for fans of retro cars and unconventional furniture: designers Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri transformed the front part of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 into a luxurious armchair.

Glamour Beetle Armchair by Zac Glamour Design

This year the designers launched their own studio Zac Glamour Design. Andrea Colombo is an architect and Linda Assandri is a specialist in baroque style. As the priority in their creative activities they have chosen so-called «BarocCarArt». And at the Milan Design Week their first appearance was a success. The studio introduced a Glamour Beetle chair – the first, very good result of their joint work.

Glamour Beetle Armchair

Glamour Beetle Armchair with black seat by Zach Glamour Design 

Zach Glamour Design creates upscale and luxury chairs, based on the model selected by the customer, as well as according to a provided sample. Their creations are can be purchased and rented.

Manufacturing is characterized by manual work using precious materials such as Swarovski crystals, silver or gold leaf. The result is a satisfying understanding of a customer that he has a unique and unmistakable thing made entirely in Italy, by hands of a skillful master.

Glamour Beetle Armchair by Zach Glamour Design

Glamour Beetle Armchair with maroon seat by Zach Glamour Design

Glamour Beetle – the name is quite appropriate. The chair really fits the requirements of “glamour”: leather seats, sparkling Swarovski crystals instead of ordinary buttons, the back interspersed with LED lights and carved details. The details of the legendary “beetle” give a true work of contemporary art with Baroque elements. Glamour Beetle Armchair is really one of a kind.

The sheets are colored by water-based eco-friendly paints, due to the greater attention to the environment. LED lighting systems are used to increase durability and energy savings.

Swarovski crystals instead of ordinary buttons

Swarovski crystals instead of ordinary buttons

The best parking spaces for such seats will be a living room, a spacious lounge, a place next to the classic fireplace or cabinet with wooden decor. Luxurious Glamour Beetle armchair can be placed even in the street under a canopy, in this case a it will add glamour to your porch or patio.

The armchair will perfectly fit into the interior of showrooms, modern boutiques and also loft spaces. The designers especially offer several options: armchairs with gold leaf finish or real silver, with maroon and black seats.

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