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Candy Inspired Sugarchair by Pieter Brenner

Colorful design adds fun touch to decor. The burst of color makes some objects pop and catch the eye. The colorful object can be used as an accent in the white or colorful decor. Sugachair is full of colors.

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This candy-inspired Sugarchair was designed by Pieter Brenner and looks sweet and colorful just like its sweet inspiration. The Sugarchair features a conventional form but its colorful body makes it look like it was really made out of sweet sugar.

Candy Inspired Sugarchair by Pieter Brenner

The four-legged seat with the backrest looks fun and bright so it would definitely stand out in a home decor. The colorful stripes look uneven and different in size just like in the sweet striped candy. Great addition to a colorful kid’s room, family or living room.

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