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Creative Stools by Thorsten Franck

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German designer Thorsten Franck makes furniture. His projects are quiet interesting and creative. His latest project called Out of Balance is a rocking stool that stands on one leg working like a tumbler. The whole body of the stool is constructed from oak veneer and the top is upholstered in scarlet, red, dark red and burgundy.

Creative Stools by Thorsten Franck

Thorsten Franck‘s TISCHLEIN is a rather amusing stool. It is constructed out of maple and looks quiet ordinary and simple if not for the one more special detail…1800 colored pages that can be taken, thrown, tossed around or used for writing and drawing. 24 colors and lots of fun!

Creative Stools by Thorsten Franck

Hocker is one of the older projects of Thorsten Franck. The kid’s round stool is available in various heights 25, 30, and 35cm. The center can be cutout in two shapes either flower or heart.

Creative Stools by Thorsten Franck

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