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Optical Illusion: Peter Bristol’s Cut Chair

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Peter Bristol has created an interesting piece of furniture that will leave you wondering how it is even possible. Peter Bristol’s Cut Chair is partly an optical illusion but it is absolutely steady and stable. You can sit, you can even stand on it and it won’t collapse although it make look as if it’s going to.

Optical Illusion: Peter Bristol's Cut Chair

The Cut Chair design is simple but interesting. It’s legs are slashed and painted red as if the thing is live and it’s back is featuring three angles due to the diagonal cut. The principle that makes this thing work is that the thick rug is covering the plate that enables stable and firm cantilevered seat.

Creative and simply magical the Peter Bristol’s Cut Chair will definitely catch the eye of every guest and will make an impression, amuse kids and add magic abstraction to the interior decor. Peter Bristol is, by the way, looking for a partner who would install or produce the Cut Chair. Any volunteers?

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