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Colorful Living With Seletti

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Seletti is an innovation-oriented company with colorful and creative designs. Today we show their furniture and home items collection. Seletti designs furniture, decorations and objects and things for outdoors. The colorful cabinets, wardrobes and chests are great for bold decorating and kids room.

Colorful Living With Seletti

Some of the designs come in classic shapes but the color solutions and patterns make them more up to date and unusual. There are designs covered with colorful stripes, dots, chaotic lines and even fashionable black and white hounds tooth. There are also storage systems and shelves offered in various colors. A La Carte shelving system is made as playing cards.

The table collection can also add a splash of color to the eating area. There is a Hybrid tableware collection that features plates and mugs designed with two different patterns to make them look like two pieces from two different plates. It’s quite colorful and interesting.

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