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IN Chair by Renzo Menegon

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It’s not just a chair. As with many things these days it is a foot rest within a chair. How cool is that? Designed in a futuristic style this mint comfy chair aptly named IN has a very comforting twist, a foot rest that can be tucked within a chair when not in use and some free space is needed. Created by Renzo Menegon the IN chair was meant to be multipurpose and it is. It can be used as a regular chair, as a chair with a foot rest (double comfort) and a storage unit for things like CDs or iPod.

IN Chair by Renzo Menegon

The design of the chair is modern and futuristic with sleek rounded lines and stylish silver metal and mint color mix.  The semi-transparent curved foot rest is a great contrast to the opaque chair. And is it just me or the chair does look like a movie space ship seat? Love it.

IN сhair is great for small spaces obviously. It is also stylish and useful. The foot rest can also serve as a little table for temporary storage. Pull it out just a bit and there is this a bit of spare space to put your iPod on. Of course, besides its cool design the IN chair is precious for its space-saving properties.

What do you think about the IN chair?

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