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Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture

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More and more treats for small-spaced homes. Designer Karim Rashid has created a Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture series that includes a lounge chair, an ottoman and a side table. But when it’s all nested it just looks like an interesting creative lounge chair. The two sets of Matryoshkarim nested together make an abstract square piece.

Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture

The pieces are trimmed with pink so that it nicely matches the light wooden finish and the color combination of pieces in nested state can vary. It’s another great space-saving project that is both functional and stylish. The set can be assembled and taken apart for various purposes without taking up much space.

The Matryoshkarim forms and shapes are also quite interesting. The wave-like openings allow the furniture to be grouped and the furniture appearance has an unusual touch to it. The ottoman opening can also be used for storing some small things like magazines, books, and phones and keys.

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  1. david crouch Says:

    We are trying to turn a very very small space into a cafe.. I love the concept of using either this chair or one very similar… I can’t find one anywhere avaiable for me to purchase, all i can find is blogs describing how awesomely amazing they are. If you can shed any light; please do. Thank you.

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