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Furniture Marbling

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In the search for new solutions to old furniture decor you can always get inspired by different examples from designers. South Korean company Metafaux Design released a collection of swivel chairs made in the original technique of marbling, which can be used at home.

Furniture Marbling: Metafaux Design’s Example

Marbled chairs by Metafaux Design

Marbled chairs by Metafaux Design

Tie-dyi technique, which is commonly used for two-dimensional surfaces came in handy on the furniture. Each item of the series is painted by hands, and then is finished with varnish, which allows you to fix a chaotic pattern. Accordingly, each chair has its own unique color and pattern, which does not exclude small defects.

Pieces of furniture in the marbling art illustrate chaotic beauty of nature, always unpredictable, and therefore so attractive. Metafaux Design studio tells how to do something similar at home.

● Choose light or white furniture for the staining.

● Add a few colors into the fluid reservoir; they will form the basis of a new object palette. It is important not to mix the paints, just make a few drops (or more, depending on the size of the object) on the surface.

● Sink the object into a container and rotate it slowly until getting a “marble” pattern.

● Pull the object out of the tank gently, without damaging the pattern, let it dry, and then fix the pattern with a varnish.

Decoration of various items using marbling has got a great popularity among the people involved in the decor of their homes. This method of decoration became especially popular in Europe, where it is used to decorate the interior items and buildings.

To work with this technology designers use special acrylic paints, which are based on the solvent. When colored ink droplets come in contact with water and spread out to the sides, they make very beautiful patterns.

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