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Bedroom Decor: How To Choose Bedside Table

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Bedside table is an important item of bedroom furnishing. It serves as storage and a side table. Bedroom furniture sets usually come with one or two nightstands but if the bed was bought separately there are various bedside table designs to choose from. A beautiful and unusual nightstand or bedside table will add charm to the bedroom.

Tips To Choosing Nightstand:

Bedroom Decor: How To Choose Bedside Table


The bedside table is used for lamps and alarm clock but it can also serve as a storage unit if it has shelves. A nighstand usually comes with drawers to store things like books, magazines, and other stuff. A night stand can simply be decorative and function as a beautiful accent in the bedroom decor.

Bedroom Decor: How To Choose Bedside Table


When choosing a separate night stand opt for an interesting design that will fit into the room’s style. Pay attention to shape and design. A wooden night stand can be repainted to fit the room’s color scheme. Unique night stands can be found in vintage shops or recycled from old things.

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  1. Zan Barrage Says:

    I love the top yellow bed side table. It has such character!

  2. AJ Says:

    These are some really nice ideas, I particularly like the themes going on in the first photo, great contrasting forms but coordinated colours works brilliantly. Love the mirror above the bed!

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