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5 Famous Designer Chairs

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What is a chair? This is a subject that accompanies us in life, without exaggeration, every day. The chair, in contrast to the armchair, has solid back and seat. That is why this piece of furniture should be as comfortable as possible at the expense of other factors. Designers of the last century did a great job to make a chair more comfortable.

5 Famous Designer Chairs of All Time

ZigZag chair by Gerrit Rietveld Thomas

ZigZag chair by Gerrit Rietveld Thomas 


Designers drew attention to the cardboard in the mid-sixties. However, the technology of its treatment have not been thought out so that he yielded the palm to the other material – the universal plastic.

One day a Canadian designer Frank Gehry saw a bulk of unnecessary cardboard near his office. He began experimenting with it, which ultimately resulted in the invention of the curved chair resembling traditional African seats.

The chair Wiggle was presented to the public in 1973 and immediately became a sensation. Thanks to the its universal form, it can be put virtually in any room and even in the bathroom.

Hill House

Scottish designer Rennie Mackintosh designed Hill House as a functional chair for the bedroom. And thus, Hill House with his unnaturally long latticed backrest can be used more as a clothes hanger and a bedside table, than for its intended purpose.

It was surprising that a modernist Mackintosh departed from his usual round shapes, choosing straight lines and strict categorical form. The chair was presented to the public in 1902 and designed specifically for the publisher Blackie.

Eames Wire

A family couple Charles and Ray Eames is known not only for their bold experiments with plastic and plywood, but also successful work with metal.

In 1951, the designers presented a chair Eames Wire, made ​​of metal mesh. Thanks to this it was both durable and light. Its base is made of chrome-plated steel and the back and seat are a single wire frame of nickel-plated steel rods.


Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld Thomas invented the ZigZag chair in the 30s of the last century. Being one of the brightest representatives of the current Bauhaus, Rietveld made experiments with constructivist forms.

ZigZag (1932-1934 gg.) is brilliant in its simplicity: this wooden chair consists of four planes, non-overlapping with each other.


Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen became famous for his creation of furniture items, which glorify the organic shapes of the human body: its comfy chairs and armchairs show by their shapes that they will be comfortable.

The Ant chair, presented in 1952, became the first known piece of furniture in his career. The shape of the wooden chair, back and seat of which is made ​​of a single sheet of molded plywood, really resembles an ant, in whose honor the chair got its name.

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