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Multifunction & Simplicity In Dual Cut Chair

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Technically Dual Cut is not only a chair. It can be a seating and a table as well as serve as a side table. Designer Kitmen Keung has created this modern chair-table from a simple rectangular foam block. Making only two L-shaped cuts Keung has created a transformer chair that can function as a regular chair, as a lounge chair, as chair and table/ottoman and a side table. Easy to transform and easy to fit into the modern design.

Multifunction & Simplicity In Dual Cut Chair

Dual Cut is a great product for space-saving, multipurpose use and simple aesthetic pleasure. Even though made from a single foam block its simplicity and clear lines allows to enjoy it as a contemporary furniture piece. The Dual Cut is available in Light Grey and Dark Grey. The chair features a special coating that allows to use it both indoors and outdoors.

Dual Cut is a stylish piece made in ergonomic shapes to provide comfort as well as multifunction. It can be easily moved in and out of the house and used according to one’s needs. If some free space is needed it can be stacked back to its block form and function as a side table. Simple and stylish.

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