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Inspired by Tradition: Platter of Friendship

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Platter of Friendship was inspired by ‘Komatál’ old Hungarian tradition of exchanging plate of selected foods as gifts between friends. A series of platters called Platter of Friendship were designed by Anikó Juhász amd Anna Nóra Nagy of Dombon-a-tanya. The wooden platters come in 8 different designs to suit the occasion.

Inspired by Tradition: Platter of Friendship

There are platters for kids parties, weddings, lunches and friends’ get-together. The platters are hung on the bottles or big products like a melon so the food is balancing on them. Some platters come with ceramic mini bowls for serving creamy products.

The Platter of Friendship is a playful and unusual way to serve food. They can be used to create interesting table decor for a party or some special occasion.

Platter of Friendship

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