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Hush Pod Provides Privacy In Public Spaces

Privacy is essential. But the open public spaces are not made for that. The living conditions leave some people always exposed to attention and society. The Hush Pod provides some privacy for people in public spaces and even home.

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Hush Pod was designed by Freyja Sewell to give people living in densely populated cities a little privacy and some alone time. As the populations grow it becomes harder to enjoy privacy especially in such public places as airports and offices.

Hush Pod Provides Privacy In Public Spaces

It is essential to continue to develop new ways of allowing people to comfortably co-exist in these increasingly densely populated environments. By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space, or state of mind. HUSH can also be transformed to provide more traditional open seating.

Hush Pod is made of 100% wool felt. It can be used as an open seat and it features a fastener that helps enclose the space within the pod while the cushions stuffed with recycled wool fibers provides comfort.

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