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Geometric 3:1 Table by TJ O’Keefe

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Designer TJ O’Keefe has created this structural geometric 3:1 Table that consists of three different geometric pieces, hence the name. The assembled table looks like a tricolor cube but each piece that 3:1 Table consists of have their own color and a geometric shape.

Geometric 3:1 Table by TJ O'Keefe

The nesting table splits into three polygonal side tables of white, lettuce green and black and is meant to function also as sculpture. Made of powder-coated steel 3:1 Table is a great addition to a modern or industrial interiors. This is a great sculptural multipurpose object.

Geometric 3:1 Table by TJ O'Keefe

TJ O’Keefe has founded his design company specializing in furniture and object design. With the education and experience in industrial and graphic design as well as architecture TJ O’Keefe creates structural and sculptural objects and furniture pieces.

Approaching design with geometry in mind TJ O’Keefe tries to solve design problems and come up with simple but compelling designs. 3:1 Table is both decorative and functional. It’s colorful but can be disassembled to fit the existing color scheme and used as side tables.

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