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Bendit Candle Holder By Gerard De Hoop

Candles are great at creating a nice atmosphere and different lighting. Candles can be decorative or simple but if candles melt away the candle holders always stay. These can be used simply as decorative objects on their own. Gerard De Hoop has designed a modern and stylish candle holder called Bendit.

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Bendit candle holder designed by Gerard De Hoop come in recognizable but unconventional shape. Made of stainless steel powder-coated in black this candle holder looks sharp and sleek. The shape looks interesting and different from various angles.

Bendit Candle Holder By Gerard De Hoop

Candle holders do not only keep candles still but they can also decorate them adding style to them and the room. Bendit candle holder features a sleek frame with geometric lines. There are four slots for candles but from the front it looks like there are three candles.

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