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Tailored Furniture by Färg & Blanche

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Swedish-French duo of designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche presented a collection of furniture Färg & Blanche at the Stockholm exhibition. The designers used a unique technology called Wood Tailoring for the manufacture of their Färg & Blanche furniture collection.

Tailored Furniture by Färg & Blanche at Stockholm Exhibition

Wood Layer Armchair from Wood Tailoring collection by Färg & Blanche

Wood Layer Armchair from Wood Tailoring collection by Färg & Blanche

The wood texture was used in the collection as the basis for design and a structural element. For the first time in the history of furniture manufacturing designers used a sewing machine to join furniture parts. They sewed elements made ​​of plywood. The designers used a heavy-duty sewing machine, which is more commonly used for the manufacture of car seats.

According to Emma Marga Blanche, no one even tried to use a sewing machine to work with such a solid material. When they learned that a sewing machine can be used with wood, the pair began to experiment with different thickness and density of the material, to check out the machine’s capability.

The collection and its creators instantly caught the imagination of the audience at the exhibition with its unusual furniture. They were surprised by the fact that the furniture was created using a sewing machine. The chair, armchair and even wardrobe were created and sewn by hand. These designers wanted to show that there are ways to sew non-upholstered furniture without using fabric.

The collection was created specifically for the film “Longing to fly/ Longing to fall” by the architect Erica Janunger and choreographer Oskar Frisk. They also participated in the event.

The first result of their experiments became the modular shelving Pocket Cupboard with leather pockets on the facade. Designers continued their experiments to create other items in the collection. For example, for the manufacture of Bespoke Chair, plywood parts were previously treated by steam, bent and then sewed.

When creating the Wood Layer Armchair the designers sewed direct veneer sheets, which were then bent and glued. The collection also includes a cupboard, whose facade is decorated by several layers of stitched insulating material, repeating the pattern of the chair’s backdrop.

Färg & Blanche is a duo of Swedish and French designers who had previously worked independently. Four years ago they joined forces and opened their own studio in Stockholm.

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