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Storage Tips for Small Spaces

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Small-spaced homes can always use some more storage space. So here are the storage tips that will help utilize the free space aesthetically. The effective space management can help free up some space that could be used for storage. Ridding off useless and old stuff or recycling it can provide a whole range of design opportunities.

Use Wall Space

Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Shelf Space by Paul Loebach

Using sleek open shelves and cabinets for storing things doesn’t take much of the precious space. Make sure they are light and do not visually clamp the room. They can be decorative and ornate but too bulky shelving can make the room look even smaller.

Use Space Under Furniture

Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Many times the space under side tables, and vanities stays free while it could also be used for storage. Beautiful baskets will add rustic touch to the decor, the decorative boxes will suit a modern style home and make room for storing books, papers, and other small things.

Organize Things

Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Organizing things will help save some space as well as keep everything in order. From kitchen cabinets to bathroom shelves everything should be in place packed in containers, jars, boxes and baskets. Easy to clean, easy to store.

Space saving furniture with storage properties can also help keep things in order and out of the way. Modern space-consious chairs, sofas and tables feature storage spaces inside of them. This provides for both an aesthetic pleasure and storage function.

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