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Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

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This 430 square feet (40 square meter) apartement designed by Suto Interior Architects is the epitome of style. Designed in gray color scheme this modernized apartment was rebuilt to allow easy organizing and visually enhance space. The furniture serves as space divider while also providing plenty of storage space.

Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

The living area is divided by wardrobe that acts like a wall and encloses space. The eat-in kitchen is separated from the living area by a wall which is also equipped with a TV. The kitchen is tight but it features all the necessary areas including the eating zone. There is also a home office nook in the kitchen, which is not unusual for small-spaced homes.

The kitchen area is cleverly and efficiently separated from the living space, but without making the rooms boxy and too tight.

Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

The bedroom includes a double bed and a storage for books, magazines and other items also providing a surface for TV. The feature wall is decorated with a pop art image that adds character to the gray bedroom. The bed coverlet matches the image’s color palette.

The wall in the living room is also decorated with artwork that creates a focal point in the room.

Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

The bathroom is also in a stylish shade of gray. It’s minimalistic but it’s certainly space-efficient as it manages to incorporate a laundry in a side closet with a sliding door. The lighting in the apartment also deserves a word. The ambient lighting gives the place enough light but it’s mild and neutral.

This is another great example of how to design a small-spaced home. The storage-friendly furniture makes for great dividers and even the gray color scheme doesn’t make the place look too small when the space is used effeciently.

Small Apartment Design

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