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Kitchen with Chinese Style Elements

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Chinese style often scares. You must admit, many associate it with cheap gizmos that are not suitable for well-designed and fashionable interior. Yet today Chinoiserie, or the changed Chinese style is already another picture that may appeal even to skeptics.

Kitchen: Chinoiserie and Snow White Classic

Kitchen designed by Phoebe Lovejoy Russell

Kitchen designed by Phoebe Lovejoy Russell

This example of the kitchen-dining room, which interior was designed by Phoebe Lovejoy Russell, is very good in this case. We can see an open light space. The sole accent from the Chinese style is noticeable on a background of neutral tones. It is two panels with hand-painted silk wallpaper.

All existing appliances are hidden behind cabinet doors. So Phoebe decided to emphasize the simplicity of the forms of furniture set and neatness of the situation as a whole, where nothing is superfluous. Kitchen and living space is conventionally separated by a detached closet. The kitchen island is also versatile. It hides dishwasher, microwave, various utensils, linens and kitchenware.

Definitely you should take into consideration the mix of the surface finishes used in this room. On the one hand, there are antique brass, deep gray and copper shades, and on the other we see stainless steel on pendant luminaires and exhaust. While the selected materials are in harmony with each other and do not cause feelings of disharmony.

According to the designer, the main secret of the application of Chinese style in a residential space is saving a minimum of details, where there is only one stylistic accent. It is important to remember that the environment should not resonate. Therefore, any western style in neutral colors will be a great base for Chinoiserie.

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