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Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

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Gray bedroom can be stylish and beautiful. The key to a stylish design is to choose a right shade of gray and accent color. Gray is a neutral color that can be combined with any other bold or pastel hue as well as other neutrals.

Ideas For Gray Bedroom Design

Choose Right Shade

Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

To make the gray bedroom color scheme work choose the right shade. Too dark shade will make the room look dark and small so if the room is small enough opt for lighter shades and bring in more light colors into the color scheme. The gray bedroom can also be designed in monochromatic gray color scheme.

Add Accents

Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

Adding bright accents to the gray bedroom can liven up the neutral room. Bright yellow and blue as well as red and purple can work great in a gray color scheme. Throw pillows, bed throw, and furniture items like chairs, ottomans, and pouffes will bring in pops of color to the gray bedroom.


Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

Gray can look quite cold and dark so adding wooden textures to it can soften the look and add warmth to it. Other finishes can also create interesting dynamic in the room. Other neutrals can also work with gray, think white, brown, and sand.

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