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Kitchen Display Storage Tips

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Kitchen storage does not only have to be functional, it can be decorative too. Open shelving is one great way to add display objects to the kitchen design. To make sure the displayed kitchenware is aesthetically pleasing learn how to arrange it.

Kitchen Display Storage Tips


Open shelving is a great way to display beautiful dishes and all kinds of pottery but there are also means to store and display pans and other kitchenware like wall hooks or racks. Sheer-glass cabinets can also be used to display tableware. Pantry is a great hidden storage option for tableware and food as not everything should be displayed.


Arrangement really is the key to creating a beautiful display storage. Patterened plates can make for great wall decor even when just lined on the open shelve. White plates and dishes can stacked and arrangement with other tableware like oil and vinegar carafes or decorative bowls to create some dynamic and look beautiful rather than like a  group of stored objects.

Pay attention to materials, sizes and colors of tableware that goes on display. Try pairing glazed dishes with the wooden accesories or objects or tinted glassware with pottery. Same applies to color and size. Group tableware of different colors and sizes to achive beautiful and interesting arrrangement. Make a decorative vase or a bowl a focus of the arrangement and put smaller object around it. Leave some air space between arrangements to avoid cluttered look. When arranging the pans also think about their size to group them in a decorative way.

Balance the open storage out with the hidden storage since too many displayed objecys can make the kitchen look cluttered. Opt for open shelving in one side of the kitchen while hiding the rest in cabinets, or disguising other open storage with a curtain. This way the objects on display will look decorative and won’t ruin the look of the kitchen.

Kitchen Display Storage Examples:

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