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Cottage Bedroom Interior Designs

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Cottage bedroom is light and airy. Color scheme, floral and beach motifs, and furniture with vintage appeal make cottage style bedroom look simply beautiful. To create cottage bedroom design think light color schemes, floral motifs, elegant furniture, and natural fabrics.

Cottage Bedroom Interior Designs

Color Scheme

Colors in the cottage interior are light – cream, pink, white, light blue, pale green, and light yellow. Light colors reflect the sunlight which makes to cottage rooms so light. So make sure the window treatments allow enough natural light inside.


Opt for a light cottage bed. It can be wrought iron or wooden with vintage appeal. Cracked paint will add a shabby chic touch to it. Light-colored or floral bed linens and lacy bedspreads and throw pillows will add to the bedroom cottage feel.


Cute window treatment, lamps, vases, and plants can be all used in a cottage style bedroom. To create a beach cottage style bedroom decorate the room with faux seashells, sea-stars, and other sea and beach-related accessories. These can be found in a store as well as recycled from the old stuff.

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Ideas:

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Oh I love the rustic look. I think that was my old bed frame from when I was a kid, Lol. It looks great and makes me wish I still owned some of that stuff.

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